Free teacher resources

Use these resources to ensure you always have resources for lessons that will allow you to:

Check learning: lessons should always be full of ways to check the learning of students – but this doesn’t always mean you should be going home with piles of marking!

Make links to previous lessons: students need to be developing their synoptic skills, more so now than ever with the new Ofsted CIF looming. Make learning ‘sticky’ by having staged repetition in your lessons and by providing opportunities for students to  make links with other parts of their course – or even their other subjects!

Build a variety of skills: give students opportunities to be a well polished self/peer assessor. Use a variety of resources to enable students to access their knowledge and understanding through multiple route!

This website hosts a lot of resources you can download and refer back to, but in no particular order or topic- below are generic tools that are good to have in the classic. And adapt to whatever you need them for!


2 thoughts on “Free teacher resources

  1. I teach 6 classes across 3 different levels – do you have any tips for quick lesson planning?


    1. Try and have a basic structure: starter task (to warm them up but give you time to settle in)….a little teacher led bit (unavoidable!) then student task/investigation/assessment….. I would always the teacher on-student on-teacher on-student on approach. Also see if any of the ways you peer and self assess can be used across all levels. @tutor2u have good exam markscheme pads that are really student friendly!


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