Psych and the economy – useful A03

Biorhythms research has changed your devices!

Biological rhythms such as circadian and ultradian are influenced by the exogeneous zeitgeber ‘light’ and as you may already know, light can decrease or increase the amount of melatonin in your brain which makes you sleepy (increase) or alert (decrease). With the new blue light settings on phones, mobile phones and other devices have used biorhythm theory and research to minimize the disruption these device lights have on your sleep!

Using treatments in more ways than one!

As you can see from the article above, treatments such as anti depressants are not only a good option for those that need them, but for the economy too. Whether you are talking about SSRI medications for OCD, Clozapine for Schizophrenia or token economies for dealing with offenders – you should always consider the impact these treatments have on the economy. Do they help people return to work quicker? Do they reduce the strain and costs on the NHS? Do they cost companies a lot of money to produce them?

Restorative justice helps to reduce recidivism!

Many may consider the idea of a victim of crime, coming face to face with their offender, something that should not be asked of people. You may think it is not appropriate in some cases, and you may also think that it would be unethical. Although a lot of people are skeptical about restorative justice – it does, after all, give people a change to continue being dominant or gives people an opportunity to be aggressive – the article above supports the use of this technique to reducing offender behaviour and the recidivism rates can be used in your essays to prove that it is a good method!

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