Psych Swot – Swot’s it all about?

15 Years as a teacher of Psychology, Advanced Lecturer, CPD design & delivery, examiner for leading exam boards and contributor for renown revision companies.

Teachers: I can help you take students through the a curriculum and specification that leaves no room to breath – I take students from the lowest grades, to the highest, simply through subject knowledge, passion and through empowering them to be good learners.

Students: I can help you pass your exams by coaching you with advice, resources and strategies for success. 15 years worth of students can vouch for that.

You can follow on Twitter @psychswot

You can download the resources here – naturally more and more will be added so keep checking back!

You can add and share your ideas to the psych space on the front page!

You can find me Facebook and connect!

You can watch videos as they are uploaded to YouTube by PsychSwot (definitely put the capital S or you will reach playlists for some bizarre music…)


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